Responsible Sourcing

We are committed to beauty, quality and integrity in every facet of our work and are committed to finding and supporting socially and environmentally responsible sources for the diamonds, gemstones and precious metals that we use in our work.

Wildflower Fairmining

Our work is made exclusively using Fairmined or certified recycled gold and platinum. Whenever noted or marked by the Fairmined logo, the piece has been crafted using exclusively Fairmined gold.

McTeigue & McClelland was one of the original small group of artisan jewelers in the US to import Fairmined Gold and as of April 2019, one of only 191 Fairmined Licensees in the world.

Additionally, we derive a significant portion of our diamonds and other gemstones from recycling jewelry that we purchase through our estate buying program.

We are actively engaged within our industry to develop and adopt responsible and transparent practices.

Wildflower Alliance for Responsible Mining

The Alliance for Responsible Mining

Since 2014 we have partnered with ARM to support artisanal mining communities around the globe by offering guidance on sustainable environmental practices, and help in forming cooperatives to market gold and other precious metals at fair compensation for labor and adequate profit to re-invest in community development.

Wildflower Ethical Metalsmiths

Ethical Metalsmiths

Ethical Metalsmiths is investigating the potential of what might be called the existing collectivity of informed jewelers to become good craftsmen of the environment. It's purpose is to channel information about mining issues and encourage jewelers to become informed advocates for social and environmental responsibility.




The Diamond Development Initiative

The DDI supports artisanal diamond miners and their communities and ensures their inclusion in the broader process of promoting ethical certification and responsible supply chains. Their goal is to establish and promote the market for diamonds that are responsibly mined, produced safely, with respect for human and community rights, in conflict-free zones, with development benefits to communities and fair prices for miners.

 Wildflower Outreach

Sisters for Peace

Empowering, educating and supporting women & girls and impoverished families, locally and around the world.


Hands in Outreach

A holistic educational sponsorship program for supporting impoverished girls in Nepal.

 Wildflower Simply Smiles

Simply Smiles

Brightening futures for impoverished children, families, and communities on Native American reservations and in Mexico.


Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Caring for and adopting out thousands of local animals a year, and advocate for improved animal protection laws.