Wildflower Collection

McTeigue & McClelland is a modern luxury jewelry brand with a heritage of artistry and craftsmanship dating to the pinnacle of Gilded Age jewelry making in 1895 New York.

In a moment of serendipity, designer Tim McClelland met Walter McTeigue, a fourth generation diamond dealer, in an elevator in Manhattan. A partnership evolved into what is recognized as one of the most significant creative collaborations in modern day jewelry making.

In an age when technicians and machinery have all but replaced the human hand, a remarkable and unrivaled five master jewelers work at the bench every day in the McTeigue & McClelland atelier. Here they learn and innovate together, resurrecting and perfecting intricate techniques, fashioning modern and timeless masterworks slowly, by hand, without creative or material limits. 

McTeigue & McClelland is dedicated to restoring the highest standard of quality, creativity, and craftsmanship to the joyous art of jewelry making.